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Purchased a 2022 honda ridgeline was told it had parking sensors upon arriving home later at night noticed it did not have. Went back to current dealership early next morning address my concerns. Was told he misunderstood what i was asking and when i asked about returning it to get the rtl-e package he said a deal is a deal he couldn't do anything for i went to another dealership to address the issue ending up getting the rtl-e package but the trade ended up costing me a additional 10,000 dollars. Do anyone feel like i have a case with honda to possibly getting this money refunded back to me. I had done what i thought was right and went back less then 24 hours later from the original purchase. And to be put in this situation is beyond my beliefs i trusted honda. Please reach out to me. God bless
I don’t feel you have any legs to stand on concerning your lack of knowledge or failure to read the Maroni on the vehicle that describes in detail the features and. OST of each items. I am sorry for you but you have to read the fine print. This this your first new vehicle purchase? I would have done online research and printed out exactly what I wanted to purchase and had it to the dealership and say This is what I want.
To lose $10k on a trade in i or s crazy as well Sell the vehicle outright to to another dealership that would give you a better deal. Good luck and hope you like your vehicle as much as I love mine.
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