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Purchased a 2022 honda ridgeline was told it had parking sensors upon arriving home later at night noticed it did not have. Went back to current dealership early next morning address my concerns. Was told he misunderstood what i was asking and when i asked about returning it to get the rtl-e package he said a deal is a deal he couldn't do anything for i went to another dealership to address the issue ending up getting the rtl-e package but the trade ended up costing me a additional 10,000 dollars. Do anyone feel like i have a case with honda to possibly getting this money refunded back to me. I had done what i thought was right and went back less then 24 hours later from the original purchase. And to be put in this situation is beyond my beliefs i trusted honda. Please reach out to me. God bless
1 - You did not trust Honda, you trusted the salesman. it is a high turnover industry and while there are some that are honest and know what they are selling; others would struggle finding the battery... True story, when looking at an XV90 the dealer could not find the battery; to this day no idea where it is.

2 - Only remote chance to have any recourse is if there is documentation proving your case; I tend to trust salesman as far as I can throw them and look at the website before and/or after shopping. Another trick, sort of futile at this point, is throw them a technical question that is not part of the typical pitch; most have no clue and ask their manager; a few actually know something.

I recall when looking at an Explorer; unhappy with the base stereo; asked about having the better one installed; was told flat out NO... Because someone a few months ago had the same request and so the salesman added the head unit to the "We Owe / You Owe" to close the deal that day. Dealer comes to find out you can't upgrade the head units; took a blood bath since they had to upgrade him. Without anything in writing you are banking on the salesman's word; and odds are they may not be there anymore.
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