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Good luck . I pray that you get refunded. I was recently screwed by a dealership (Jack o' Diamonds ) in Tyler Texas. They sold me a HPD ridgeline with black rims and charged me 495.00 for said rims. I literally scratched the paint off with my nails. Instead of reimbursement of the 495.00 they wanted to drive from Dallas Texas back to them (Tyler ) on my time and gas /money to so say fix the problem .I'm sorry but this was clearly a con job and I'm not wasting anymore money so they can screw me again .I just wanted a refund so I could get it done right. I ended up giving it to GOD but, any chance I get to tell people about this back woods company , I will . Anyway, people / companies / the world is full of dishonest evil people . We just have to do our best to prove that there are still good people out here.
The general manager of that dealership used to live down the road from me. I sometimes get reasonable pricing from them and the service manager has always been courteous and helpful.

  • While my 2014 Ridgeline was waiting on a new Takata airbag inflator, they gave me a new CR-V to drive for several months (paid for by Honda). I liked the CR-V so much that I offered to buy it, but was told they couldn't sell courtesy cars so I went and bought one from a different dealer. The GM called to apologize and offer to make up for it on my next vehicle purchase.
  • While my 2017 Ridgeline was there for a recall, they gouged the rear bumper. While having the bumper fixed, the rear fender was dented.
  • While having new Black Edition wheels mounted on my 2019 Ridgeline, they chipped the paint on one of the wheels. They sent a mobile wheel repair service to my place of employment to refinish the wheel.
  • While having the transmission replaced on my 2019 Ridgeline when it failed at 14K miles, my dashcam recorded several employees expressing their dissatisfaction over the number of other defects I asked them to address and called me "weird" for buying a Ridgeline and mocked my profession (they knew I was an engineer and incorrectly assumed I was a locomotive engineer). I can't complain about that because I wasn't supposed to hear that conversation, but it's hard to unhear something you heard even though the recording wasn't intentional. After the transmission was replaced, there was an engine-related knock coming from the engine compartment - I suspect the technician didn't reassemble something correctly. I sold the vehicle because it had too many unresolved problems.
This is the same dealership that held a buyer's new Civic Type R hostage a few years ago and attracted the attention of the hacker group, Anonymous.
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