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Good morning guys,
Although I have been reading this forum on a regular basis for the past 6 weeks or so, this is the first time I have registered and posted.

I am a territory account manager in the the southeast US. Therefore, I put a lot of miles on my cars every year. Due to comfort level and efficiency, I have never considered a truck for my DD. Now that I have been thrust into the new car market thanks to VW buying back my 2015 Passat, I thought I would take a look at the new RL. Now I can't think of a vehicle that would be more perfect for me than this truck. I see the comments from "truck guys" that this is just a minivan with a bed. Maybe I'm one of the few guys that doesn't take that as an insult. I love the fact that it doesn't drive like a typical truck. As much time as I spend behind the wheel, comfort has become a priority. I think it is great that I can drive with the comfort of an Accord yet still carry my yard supplies or tow my motorcycle trailer with the same vehicle.

I have been shopping for the past couple weeks with just about every dealer I can contact. The lowest price I was quoted was "$1k below MSRP". Sounded like a fair deal to me considering most dealers I have talked to were MSRP or above. When I got to the dealer, they did indeed have the RTL-E on the lot and gave me the paperwork with the $1,000 discount line added. Unfortunately, they also added running boards, floor mats, some sort of dent protection, all for an additional $2k. Then an $800 doc fee. Adding tax, I was looking at $47k drive out. Needless to say, I walked away.

Has anybody had any real success in Georgia/Alabama in finding a reasonable dealer? I understand charging MSRP+ when people are lined up to pay it. But a lot of these trucks have been sitting there since the first shipment, and inventory is only building. I was hoping to find something this month, before my busy travel period, but now I'm considering buying something else and maybe trying again in a couple years. If you don't buy right on the front end, your depreciation factor is that much worse.
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