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Yesterday afternoon, driving home from work the traffic was unusually heavy, even for a Friday. Stopped in a long line of traffic, driver window down, I hear an AC/DC tune blasting from an unseen vehicle approaching my location on the left.

As the music gets closer I start hearing the burble of a tuned small displacement engine rev'ing as traffic creeps forward. I'm thinking it's just another young dude with loud pipes sharing his music with those who don't want to hear it. You know those guys.

The vehicle idles by my window, music blaring. I glance to the left and notice the truck first, then the driver. My age group. Baseball cap. 2 day graying beard, high and tight hair. He's a retired squared away Marine for sure. Before even seeing the details of his highly modified Toyoto-san, I whistle. He looks over, I flash thumbs up and gesture tip-o-the-hat. He grins and salutes.

From there, we continue in traffic, leap frogging for and aft. I couldn't resist taking photos. Doesn't look like there's one part of this truck that hasn't been modified. Never could get a shot of the front end but other than resembling a Toyota it too had been customized. Smoked headlights, billet grill, custom nose cap integrating with the high flared fender. Long travel shocks with remote reservoirs, the whole enchilada.

Take a close look. Ammo bags handing from front seat, grenades hanging from the rear view mirror, and all over the interior. The bed, or what was left of it, totally stuffed with equipment cases, "jet fuel" jerry cans. Bring on the zombie apocalypse!

Fun stuff. Wish the photos turned out better.

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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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