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Thanks for all the advice,
I live in Sarasota, so I did the 45 min. drive (Sorry Keoni :rolleyes: ) to ("Classic Motoring Accessories") in Tampa. Friendly staff, large and clean warehouse and storefront. 10% Discount for walk-in customers :D
I did inquire about a discount for R.O.C. members although they were not able to do this. I was very satisfied after speaking to Jon Freiberg (owners son and "Car Detailer" for 15 yrs.) about his recomendations for my Ridgeline (Blue). He said this was the "clay, polish, wax" combo that he would suggest although sometimes I usually try to stick to the "same product line".

Porter Cable w/ 6 inch counterweight (they sell one that I had already bought-$100.00) Everyone is adamant that I (novice) cannot screw up my paint with the PC and correct pads although I will experiment on the CRV before it is sold.

Prices Before Discount on his recomendations:

$59.95-7424 Accessory Pad Kit w/ 6"Velcro Plate (also includes 1 red, 2 white and 1 orange pad) White for Polish, Red for Wax and Orange for light scratches. Includes 3 Dragon Fibre towels.

$29.95-Blackfire Poly Clay Kit (should work nicely although understood it may/or may not be needed on the new paint job) Applied by hand. Includes lubricant and 1 Dragon Fibre towel.

$13.95-P21S Paintwork Polish/Cleanser

$39.96-FMJ "Menzerna" (Product of Germany) Sealant kit w/ free bottle of high gloss Menzerna Acrylic Shield Detailing Spray Includes 2 Dragon Fibre towels.

$14.95-Pad Cleaning Spur To re-surface and clean pads. Looks like a great tool.

$9.95-1 small California Dash Duster (only thing I had a chance to use so far, works great)

$39.95-Best Towel Kit (Dragon Fibre w/Big Blue towel for drying) Great set of towels if you need some new ones like I do.

-All "kits" come nicely packaged with good instruction books (and pictures) written by the owners of the store.

I also bought a video tape , Meguiars Deep Pile Cotton Wash Mitt (they also sell sponges and microfibre mitts, I may use cheap throw away sponges in the future as all of these items are said to "hold dirt" even when cleaned) and Foam tire applicators.

After discount-$221.98
Well, this will get me started. Jon said the Menzerna wax is excellent, slippery and "sheets water". If you read about it on their site, it sounds like good stuff!

Oh yeah, I already have glass cleaner, Lexol leather conditioner/cleaner, Vinylex by Lexol , Meguiars Shampoo and Tire Shine. I may need some microfibre applicator pads for the Lexol, etc. if they are not included in any of the "kits". I have some terry cloth pads made by Lexol that leave a lint trail :mad: . I also may p-up some pad cleaner although Jon uses Tide granules.

***Anyone have suggestions on pad maintenance/cleaning or buffing?

Any picture posts may be a couple months away :)
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