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Did I score?

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I just bought a 2012 RTL with 59K miles for $22,900.

Truck drives great, a few very minor chips/scratches. One owner vehicle.

I am happy with it, just curious if I got good deal, over paid or what.
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I've occasionally seen proud owners on this very site asking those prices for 06-08 models. I'd say its a fair price for a 3 year old buggy with those high miles.

Enjoy your ride (don't forget to post the pics).
As long as you're happy my man, I'd say you definitely Scored! Price sounds pretty good to me and I WISH I'd had that much to spend when I picked up my Ridge last year.

Take care of your Ridge and she'll take care of you. Congrats!
Price sounds pretty fair. If you were to get it for $21,000, that would be a total score. As it is, I think you have a firm stand-up double. As long as you're happy with your purchase, that's all that matters. Now how about some pics?
I will get them up shortly. Look forward to contributing and getting some questions answered down the road.
Welcome aboard.... you'll likely really enjoy your new ride. If this is your first Ridgeline, you'll appreciate this thread:'t+know+about+your+ridgeline

Just ensure to follow the maintenance schedule. If you don't have much or any maintenance history on the truck, I'd start by doing the missing services that should have been due by now such as transmission fluid, rear diff VTM-4 fluid, front transfer case gear lube and brake fluid. Brake fluid should be flushed every three years regardless of mileage, so you're probably at that point now. The fluid maintenance on these trucks is VERY easy and can be done with simple hand tools and with the truck sitting on the ground (minus the brake fluid service as you have take off the wheels). Ensure you only use Honda genuine fluids for everything except engine oil and transfer case gear lube. The truck was designed to run with these fluids' specific additive package and viscosity. Many will swear by some "universal" fluids, but it truly doesn't make sense to use anything else. If there is anything else you need to know, I guarantee it's likely already been covered. A quick search will probably bring up your answer. If not, ask and ye shall be answered.
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Congrats on your purchase & Welcome to the ROC!
You scored big time. Nothing like that even close going for that price around here unless its a salvage, and theirs nothing wrong with that. Congrats.:act035:
You scored big time. Nothing like that even close going for that price around here unless its a salvage, and theirs nothing wrong with that. Congrats.:act035:
I totally agree with northernlights! "Fair" my rear end! :act027: You knocked it out of the park! Great job buddy!
I did a quick search in my area of 2011-2012 RTL's with 55-70k miles. There are five results that have asking prices of $23,900 to $26,000. The one in particular is a 2012 RTL in black with 59,370 miles listed for $24,360 that is nearly identical to the OP's new truck. So yes, I think $22,900 is a good deal depending on what the original asking price was. When I said "fair" in my previous post, it wasn't meaning "fair" as in "less than good". I meant "fair" as in "fair for the OP and fair for the dealership selling the vehicle." He got a good price that works for his budget and the dealership probably made $1000 or so. So like I said, $21,000 would be a crazy good deal, but you did pretty darn good at $22,900 in my opinion.
I agree, unless it's missing the engine, you got a great deal.
Yea, I'd say you scored. The best I can find is 500+ miles away and $26,5K
Thanks guys, very happy with the truck in the short time I have driven it. I previously owned a Tundra, so enjoy the smooth ride and convenience items.

I was set on an RTL for the leather and sunroof and wasn't in a hurry to buy and waited for what I wanted in my price range.

I plan on doing the fluid maintenance Ian provided this weekend, but other than that it appears nothing is amiss with the truck.
Very good deal!!
Better late than never....Pic below.

Some observations after a few months in the ride:

  • The trunk is extremely convenient. I was really concerned about the bed size going from a Tundra, but the storage is more than adequate.
  • The ride is extremely comfortable. I feel like I am in a recliner driving down the highway.
  • MPG has been pretty good. I have been averaging around 19-20 in a mixed city/hwy mode.
  • A bit more road noise than I would like, but eventually when new tires are in the works I will look at somethign that may help.
  • My wife has a Pilot, 2009. Her key is an automatic don't need to hold the key in the start mode, rather just turn it momentarily and the vehicle will start. Not so with the RL...I figured this was the norm moving forward.

All good for now and I look forward to using some of the brain power on the site from time to time.


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Looks good! Congrats and welcome!
I've got a 2006 with 17" Michelin Latitude, and I purchased them because at the time they were considered an "ECO" tire on the reviews I read in 2011. A trade off was that I was going to lose some traction in snow/rain, but considering I live in the desert in So. CA, so I wasn't too worried about that.

But what I realized was the "ECO" blend is as a side benefit a quieter tire.
Nice rig. Looks like you did pretty good there. Enjoy the new ride.
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