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Did Some Mods This Past Weekend

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I finally managed to get the Flux Capacitor install behind the armrest in the backseat.

And wired it up to the indicator lights on the dashboard.

I also finally got around to labeling the buttons between the power ports.

So now I'm all set for my trip.
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I didn't think you were suppose to add a Flux Capacitor before 10K miles. I hope you don't have any issues.
Great mod.
Must have been complicated to do the labelling correct...
Yes, adding the three indicators to the dashboard was a bit of a pain. As far as adding the Flux Capacitor before 10K miles, I only plan on doing some short trips until it's broken in.
True, is that!
I tried to get a good deal on a Flux Capacitor, but they only had leap-year models left.

Just having a bit of fun.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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