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Difference between 2010 to 2011 suspension.

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I ordered a Readylift for my 2011. Amazon showed compatible.

When I called Readylift to see why they only show up to 2010 they stated they found something and that I should return the kit.

I want the full 2" all the way around. That's why I picked this one.

Anyone know if there really is an issue??
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bump, anyone have any information
I don't have anything on the difference, I don't believe there is any, there was a MMR (mid model refresh), in '09 and some fuel economy work in '12, (strakes, ECU & AT update' IIRC)

Unfortunately I only have the '06-'08 FSM, Hopefully someone more familiar with 2011/2010 will see this thread.
I am not aware of any suspension differences between the model lines from 2006-2014. But I have not investigated lifts either. Perhaps someone who has done so can jump in here and advise.
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Yeah, the 09-12 SM doesn't call out any changes for any model year for the front or back suspension. A quick glance through some pages on bernardi, all the part number are the same in 10 and 11
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Thanks, I'll go forward with the install.

I was pretty sure there were no changes either.
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