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Differences between 2011 and 2012?

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According to Honda brochure the 2012 is rated 1 MPG better than 2011, why? Reviewing the brochures I don't see any changes?
Locally there is one of each with the 2012 having a rolling bed cover, a bed carpet kit, and running boards of which I would have to remove the carpet and cover as I plan to use Ridgeline to haul dirt bike.
Thanks in advance.
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Well once you acquire the RL your interested in and make a total of at least 25 posts, you can throw the items you don't want in the Trading Post... Good Luck

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Ah hah, thanks for the quick responses and all. This site is awesome.
I doubt any difference in the real world. I went from a 2006 to a 2012 and my overall gas mileage decreased better than one mpg.:crying:
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