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Re: Navigation - blank screen

Started the truck this morning and the NAV screen was completely blank. Could not get anything to appear regardless of which selections I made on the touchscreen. After about 5 minutes, got a message that said the Garmin system was not responding. Pulled into a parking lot, turned the truck off and then started it. NAV came up fine and worked after that. First issue I have seen with the unit.
I've had this happen only once, which was after a Honda dealership sold me and programmed for me a spare key. Shut it down, started it up, and it came back working fine. Basically, my guess is that if it runs into a glitch it reboots itself, but you have to turn the car off to get that to happen. I've got almost 5,000 miles on my truck and that was the only experience I've had.
1 - 1 of 120 Posts
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