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DIY transfer case and diff fluid change - fill to top of "fill hole"?

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Hey guys

I noticed in the manual it gives levels for the rear diff and transfer case fluid levels when your doing a drain/fill.

Now, I dont think its going to be rocket science where I need to measure the EXACT amount stated there in order to get the proper fill level right? Conventionally you simply fill until you notice fluid starting to trickle out of the fill points. Im assuming those readings in the manual is the amount of fluid it takes to get to that point?

in general -can I disregard measuring and fill untill I notice fluid coming out?

thanks !
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Exactly, and get different pumps for both bottles and then just either leave them attached to the different bottles or place each in a separate plastic bag and label as what they were used for, specifically use the VTM-4 pump for nothing else. Easy peasy..
in general -can I disregard measuring and fill untill I notice fluid coming out?
Sure can, as long as the vehicle is level.

Chip H.
Just a tip. For the rear diff, I've found if I let it sit for a minute or two after the first overflow, it will take another squirt or two of fluid before overflowing again. While this is not critical, I thought you might like to know.

Also, I've found that if I don't use a quart pump on the hypoid gear oil, I can only use about half the quart bottle trying to squish it against the frame when filling through the fill hole. The pump is easier in this regard, but is also something else I have to clean up at the end. So if I just have a couple partial bottles of hypoid gear oil, I top off one before filling the transfer assembly. Or just use my qt hand pump and quit being so lazy about clean up duties. ;)
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