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Hello Ridgeline Owners!
First let me say that for the last 4 years I have thoroughly enjoyed our Ridgeline RT and this forum. The forum has not only saved me a ton of money, but has gotten me to know my vehicle and what it takes to keep it running smoothly over the years.

Here is my dilemma, if you could call it that. I have been looking to upgrade our 2008 RT with 91K. I have yet to do the 100K dreaded maintenance and the tire shop guys (while getting tires rotated and balanced @ Les Schwab) says we are in need of struts. The vehicle does shimmy a bit. I am thinking about a 3K bill coming my way at the dealer very soon.

The dealer where I purchased our Ridge has a very clean 2014 RL with 8K on it. I saw it today and the only real upgrade from our 2008 is a rear view camera, 85K less miles, and not so many scratches and dings, not to mention that new car smell is still there. First offer was 26K and 10K for ours plus taxes and other assorted docs. I was thinking of a counter 25K, you add the Honda wiring for the hitch, and 10K for ours. I have seen the preliminary 2016 Ridgeline views and it looks like a Tundra or F-150.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Concerns? Or just what the hell are you waiting for man, 2016?:act047:

As always, my extended gratitude to those Ridgeline owners that know a whole hell of a lot more than I do.
Put the money into the old one and save up for the 2017 model.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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