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Hard to argue with any one person's rationale when the new car (truck) bug bites. If you want the new one, this is the USA...go for it.

Just economically speaking, you will take a pretty good $$ hit on the 2014 once the Gen2 hits next year. I would not do the trade unless you plan to keep the 2014 for 4-6 years. That would put you out to 2020. Again we are talking economics.

Along the same line, if you put 3K into your truck and get another 100k miles from it, you will not be able to match that economically speaking with anything else out there. I drove my 2006 for 7 years (3 of those with no payments) and about 200k miles with all original suspension and drive train until it was traded for a new 2012 model. The only service to the engine/tranny was regular fluid changes and the TB/waterpump change at 100k.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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