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Hoping to find someone knowledgeable about tapping into the dome light supervision circuit. I have installed a small LED strip over the cubby, we use our two Ridges for work and do extensive traveling and night driving. I want the new LED to behave exactly as the dome light, so I do not have to add another rocker switch on the dash for it. I believe constant power from a fuse tap is fine, or I can tap into the white / black wire in the passenger door sill for the 12V source. For the ground I tried the dome supervision green/red at the Interior light switch and believe I had a constant ground, or possibly no ground.

I found the switch location hard to work as the plug whip is very short [typical!] and the switch stays in the dash when removed. I could keep working on that but decided to look at the rear dome light wiring. I did not want to mess with the front dome light, due to the air bag location on the windshield pillar. So at the rear dome light if I wired my light's ground directly to the dome light supervision wire it worked fine but then all the interior lights never went off on the timer. I tried the dome light trigger wire, white with two silver rings, and everything worked fine.

Then went to the passenger door sill harness and found the white with two silver rings, tapped into it for ground, but the light always stays on. Finally tied it directly into the door switch for ground when door open, but that is an interim solution. I definitely want it to mimic the exact pattern of the dome light, on with doors open, fade and go off after 30 seconds, and responsive to the interior light switch DOOR/ON/OFF.

I am thinking the dome light supervision relay uses both wires for ground, I read somewhere the green/red wire is ground then turns to 12v to neutralize the ground somehow, did not make sense to me. A little over my head I guess. My thought now is to tie in directly to the rear dome light right at the bulb, downstream of all this relay and trigger complexity, but not thrilled about feeding wire through the headliner and B pillar unless I really have to.

Any ideas where to get the proper dome light supervision ground under the dash or in the passenger door sill? For power would there be any issues using a wire tap at the fuse box for constant power or should I use the dome light circuit white/black power source? I don't think that should matter.

Hope I am not missing some thread that clearly explains this, I did quite a bit of searching both here and all over the web before posting. Thanks in advance for any assistance in this matter, dome light functions are far trickier then one might expect !

Great forum here, lots of excellent posts. Danny K.
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