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Driver seat issue

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Currently have a 2013 Sport with just under 17K miles. I was wondering if anybody else has issues with their driver side seat making the occasional creaking/popping sound when moving in it, or driving around sharp corners and bumps. This has been going on now for about six months but the dealership can't seem to find anything wrong with it or replicate the sound.
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Yep. My '13 Sport's seat creaks when I sit down, when I move, and when I get up. Dealer says not serviceable (I was there as the service writer asked the shop 'foreman'); sorry. I can see the metal 'suspension' under there. I think maybe if I can get some kind of grease in the right place(s), it will quiet it down, but haven't tried yet. I was annoyed that the dealer didn't want to fix it, nor try. I'm still in warranty, too.
You need to kick that up to the regional guy. I can't imagine that they're trying to say that it is SUPPOSED to squeak!
In this case YOU need to start squeaking; as in squeaky wheel.... if you don't make some noise, they will ignore you for sure.
Yes. OTOH, this is not yet a major 'thing' for me. This truck is simply not built 'like a Honda' in several ways, but I don't drive it enough to want to chase this just now. I may in March, for personal timing/convenience reasons.
I am in contact with the Service manager at my local dealership, so hopefully this is something they can fix. It is more annoying than anything. I know the sound is there, so I hear it all of the time now. My wife's 2011 CRV has no issues with creaky seats, so it makes me think it is something wrong with the Ridgeline.
I'd appreciate it if you'd share the fix. If it's simple enough, I might do it myself.
I think I remember reading something about this in a previous post. Someone recommended putting tape in between where the seat frame mounts to the chassis. My 2012 does this as well but I have yet to give this a try.
It occurs to me to make an additional comment. Not knowing "where" the squeaking is coming from, I would suggest a conditional "treatment". IF there are any plastic, vinyl, or rubber surfaces that might possibly be the source of this noise, use a bit of Shin Etsu grease to make it go away completely.
I had what I thought was a metallic squeaking in my S2000 hard top where it seals to the windshield. Turned out to just be the rubber creaking against the metal windshield frame. 'Dealer treated it to a little Shin Etsu, and it never came back (that was several years back). Good stuff if it's that kind of a problem.
UPDATE - Well I was finally able to get my Ridgeline into the dealership to have the drivers seat checked out. The tech took it for a drive and was able to duplicate the creeking sounds that I heard. It was determined that my seat frame was bad, and possibly a factory defect? It is under warranty so they ordered a new seat frame and will replace it for free here in a few days.
Wow, good thing they caught it. A faulty seat frame can fail in the case of an accident and send you who knows where.
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