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Dual 9" digital touchscreen headrest dvd player monitors

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This week I installed DUAL 9" DIGITAL TOUCHSCREEN HEADREST DVD PLAYER MONITORS in the front seat backs. In a previous RL I had some headrest monitors hooked up to an aftermarket HU. Currently trying to keep the stock look so these units purchased on eBay were a good fit for $369.

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These can be installed in less than an hour, and are independent of the OEM stereo.
Start by replacing the current headrests with the new ones, run the wires through the seats. They run down through the poles of the new headrests so no wires are visible after install. You pull out and down from the bottom of the seat back to remove. You may need a couple of extra clips as they may break, (especially if its cold out they are more brittle). See the remains of one white clip on the right side and an empty hole on left side of seat bottom.
See #27 in diagram...

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Pull the back off the console between the front seats. Do this by pulling from the bottom to remove 8 clips along the sides, and lift it up to release two hook clips on top. Bring the wires from both headrests together behind the console ( I soldered them and covered with shrink wrap), and tap the two wires to the rear facing power outlet.

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Picture quality is very good and they are easy to setup and use. The DVD/Screen player can be clipped off from the headrest and plugged into a power outlet up front for use by front seat passengers. One movie both sides, or two different movies at a time.

They come with a games DVD and controller/remote which my son says is really good.

Great sound using wireless headphones or through 3.5 jack. Good sound from built in speakers but not a lot of volume.

The new headrests looks good from the front but are set back more than the stock ones, so they offer little support to front seat riders. Adapter available will allow you to clip DVD screen to the stock headrest bars which would overcome this issue.

Driver has no control of settings, so not ideal for very young kids. In my case this is not a problem because my 9 year can navigate the settings better than me, and I can concentrate on driving :act006:

Sound can be sent wirelessly. through the stock radio up front but is not real clear, I think due to the poor radio antenna in the RL.
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Nice write up. Been looking for a set for the kids. Thanks
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