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I just hit 500 miles. I was digging through the manual if I should take it for maintenance, given the engine has had a chance to break in, but all I can find is info about Maintenance Minder.

Any advice?
Nothing to do at 500 miles. Honda is still one of those left who has a 'break-in' oil; however, they want you to run it until you get your maintenance reminder to change it. My dealer wants to see mine at 5K to rotate tires and do a check of everything, which probably would be prudent; however, no need to do anything until then, unless you have an issue. The standards of gentle driving, no panic stops, etc. for the first 1K is wise. The manual speaks of no towing for the first several hundred miles. Pretty straight forward/easy peasy. I did check all the fluids and tire pressures at 500 miles, just to feel better; however, they were all fine (well, the spare needed a few pounds...).

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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