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eBay in channel visors

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Just wondering if anyone has purchased the in channel visors off eBay. Good price and you also get the moon roof visit as well. Seems like there would be not much difference between the more expensive brands
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Once the sticky tape fails they are falling off. I would go with weathertech. Have had mine for about 3 yrs and no issues.
I got those cheap ones off ebay about 3 years ago. The side which is always sitting in the sun is now gray, and the side facing my trees is still black. It looks horrible especially on my black RTL, but I'm too lazy to swap them out. They still serve a function, which is to keep the water out when it's raining and I crack my windows.
I got some $20 visors off eBay several years ago too. No issues whatsoever with mine.
For the price I will give them a shot
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