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I'm confident in my driving skills having spent a bit of money at the track and being instructed to do so. AWD is all I require, and disc brakes. I'll handle the rest.[/QUOTE]

I have had some of these "nannies" on several vehicles. My motorcycle has ABS, and can modulate the brakes much faster than I can.

My car has stability and traction control. I am confident that it has been a critical component to avoiding accidents on several occasions.

I am no race car driver. Not even close. But, I know that there are many top-tier world-class drivers who are happy to show off their skills with no driver assistance. But, all agree that the computing power and decision making speed of these systems are superior to human reaction times.

No driver aid can overcome physics (or stupidity). But, with a competent driver who is paying attention, they widen the margins of safety.

All of my future vehicles will have all of the driver aids, and all of the safety and survivability equipment available.

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1 - 1 of 94 Posts
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