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Is the V6 the only engine for this truck or will it be offered with a V8?
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But the RL is considered to be a mid-sized truck, right? And just guessing here but I'd think Honda will stick to the six but not sure. Anyone?
noooo V12 :) take a page out of mercedes book :)
All of the information that I have read leans towards a V6 engine. Some sites say VCM, some do not. I have read horsepower predictions from 255 to 300. I guess we will all know in a few short days. . . :D
The 3.5 L. V-6 producing 255 HP should be adequate, unless the all wheel drive is power consuming. My F-150 has a Triton 5.4 L. V-8, producing 260 HP. Seems like a lot of inefficient displacement compared to the Honda.
Your Ford F-150 has more torque and towing capacity. But isn't the Ford F-150 considered a 'full size' truck and the Ridgeline a mid sized truck?

Personally, I think the Ridgeline is more than adequate for what I would use a truck for in everyday living (occassional hauling, maybe some towing of small trailers).
My wife has an Odyssey with this engine and it has plenty of power. I would assume that the Ridgeline will weigh less than the Odyssey.

The hp and torque specs for the Ridgeline are better than my '98 F-150 with the 4.6L V-8.
Wow! I would have thought you were way off with that but then I looked it up...

Ridgeline - 4552lbs
Odyssey EX-L - 4537
Odyssey Tour - 4634
I have an '05 Odyssey Touring but I have not stopmed on the accelerator yet. I will have to try it in the next few days and get an idea of how the Ridgeline will behave. So far in daily driving, I have been impressed with the performance of the Odyssey.
My '00 Odyssey has the "weak" 3.5L at 210hp and it does not disappoint me off the line. It has good "real world" performance. I look forward to driving the 255hp version and having one extra gear in the transmission. :)

IMHO - the reason to want a V-8 is (1) for heavy towing, which is not the Ridgeline's role, or (2) for bragging rights that you have a V8. I've got that in my Crown Vic, so I will take fewer trips to the gas station and be happy with the V6.

I just wish the Ridgeline had a hybrid package, like the Civc and Accord. With IMA, this thing would get great fuel mileage and haul a** like a V8. Anyone know of rumors on potential hybrid?
Over the past 2 days I have paid attention to the acceleration of my '05 Odyssey and I am not disappointed. I too will enjoy less trips to the gas pump with a V6. I really enjoy being able to use regular unleaded gas instead of needing premium.

I had an Infiniti FX45 (I traded it for the Odyssey) and that car was great. But, it was a V8 and it needed premium fuel. It was starting to get expensive to use it as a daily driver.
Driving a new Pilot would demonstrate closely the performance of the Ridgeline. Both have the 255 HP V-6 with AWD. It seems like Honda would offer the AWD on the Odessey...?
zero said:
Over the past 2 days I have paid attention to the acceleration of my '05 Odyssey and I am not disappointed.
I thought about this board as I pulled away from a Cadillac Catera that really wanted to get in front of me at a stop light today. Guess he underestimated the off the line time of my Odyssey.

zero said:
I too will enjoy less trips to the gas pump with a V6. I really enjoy being able to use regular unleaded gas instead of needing premium.
As I pumped my gas tonight, I was appreciating the same. 366 miles on 15.8 gallons. I figure 23.2 mpg is pretty good in some not so light footed driving. ;)
Does Honda even make a production V8? I don't think Honda would be able to boast ULEV and good mileage on a V8, not yet anyway.
No production V8. But the IRL engine is now 3.0L .... hmmmm ... a nice small V8 in a Ridgeline ;) :eek: ;)
Just something to keep in mind with Honda's VTEC technology: although their engines can get the same horsepower and torque as V-8's, you have to rev them higher because of the nature of VTEC. Honda's V-6's with the 3 rocker system can get V-8 hp and torque, but max hp is around 5500rpm and torque it around 4500 rpm. A V-8 gets the same numbers around 1000rpm less (even lesser the greater the displacement), and diesels get those numbers around 2000rpm less. As stated earlier, torque at lower rpm's is desired for more hauling purposes. With the Ridgeline being geared more for daily driving and utility with the occasional haul, this V-6 should be more than adequate, IMHO.
V8 question has been raised and followed by many Honda fans for:
05 RL - No V8 not for performance or for status (smoothness or quietness) - 300 HP from 3.5L V6
NSX - still V6

BTW, read Temple of Vtec review where Jeff Palmer writes that the Ridgeline was able to keep up with the F-150 in the 1/4 mile 5,000lb tow challenge (not head to head) and his "rumoured"..."Ridgeline is actually slightly quicker" when timed:

Honda is not a parts bin kind of company and while they have several 3.5L motors in their trucks, their drivetrains are all tuned specifically to the vehicle requirements. I say drivetrains, because the motor/transmissions each have their own personalities. My 99 Ody encourages fuel economy...seems I can only be heavy footed when coming off a stoplight; reluctant to down shift, but I get almost 20 mpg in suburban commute. Wife's 03 Pilot is much more willing to accelerate at any time - the 5 spd auto helps but I don''t feel discouraged from using the accelerator, but pay at the pump with 16-17 mpg in similar driving. I think Honda tailors characteristics of their vehicles to their customer market. Honda is also extremely conservative with HP numbers and while the Ody, Pilot and ridgeline all have similar specs - 255hp 3.5L motor, I think their hp and torque curves will be noticeably different. This makes sense because their aerodynamics and load purposes are different, esp Ody

The above review also mentioned that the Ridgeline motor makes 90% of max torque at 2,000 rpm and up. This, the relatively mediocre epa mpg, the rorty sound of a goosed Ridgeline (Tvtec ride and drive video at 8:20) and my wishful thinking suggest the Ridgeline will have 255 stout horses. Knowing that the vehicle is targeted at guys (even if they are soccer dad's) may indicate this is the sporty Honda truck !!!!-) First 0-60 tests will tell. The Ody and Pilots are clocked at about 7.7 sec IIRC, so we'll see where Honda places the Ridgeline in this pecking order....hoping for a solid 7.5 sec.
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