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I just want to compliment American Honda Corporation and Chezik Bell Honda in Iowa City for living up to Honda's excellent reputation for service.

Earlier this week, less than a month after I purchased my 07 RTS, a crack formed on the windshield and quickly spread from the very edge of the passenger side across more than half of the windshield. Though American Honda Corporation thought a rock chip may have contributed to the crack forming, they still went out of their way to get the problem addressed at no cost to me before I need to head out of town for Christmas.

Through the work of two particular employees whose names I won't list out of respect for their privacy, my opinion of Honda Service has improved dramatically.

Kudos to Chezik Bell and American Honda Corporation. If anyone in those companies wants to know who to give accolades to, I'd be happy to provide the particular employees' names via PM.

I bought the vehicle at a different Honda Dealership, but Chezik Bell has earned the right to service it from now on and I'll be sure to tell all of my friends that Honda Service really is exceptional.

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