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Hi all!
So while my 2010 Ridgeline is still looking pretty flawless, I've encounter a problem and I wonder if you all have any suggestions.

The bolts that hold the flange closed directly behind my cat have failed and I would surmise that the nuts have come off. Its the only part of my exhaust that's really showing its age but I'm thinking its a result of heat coming off the cat. The result is loud and unbecoming of such a pristine vehicle. Anyway, the bolts are still there, though rusted in place, but there aren't any threads left on them to apply new nuts. I was thinking a split flange repair would be the best solution in a pinch, particularly because the bolts aren't eager to come out and free up the three holes for replacements.
I'm having trouble locating a properly sized split flange for the repair as the piping in this area has a diameter around 3.023 inches.

I realize that the reasonable thing to do would be to go to a shop. However I just passed inspection just prior to the separation and I'm looking to hold off on any repairs that are too costly if I can. Any suggestions?
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