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Exhaust Pipe Mesh Section gone?

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The mesh section on the exhaust pipe near the engine has evidently corroded and fallen off. Shouldn't be an issue but has anyone had esperience with this?
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It is very fine metal and very easily corroded by weather and road salts. Happens on pretty much every vehicle over time. It is even worse when you have bad motor mounts on front engine driven vehicles which causes that to flex even more then designed. Good exhaust shop should be able to weld in a new one pretty cheaply.
Thanks STUV. I'm assuming it won't hurt the vehicle to drive it until I get a chance to replace it?

There was a little bit of the mesh still clinging to the areas where it was spot welded.
You might end up with an exhaust leak soon, so don't delay too long.

Chip H.
Thanks gang. I'm having a replacement put on this weekend, weather permitting.

Now if I could just get enough energy to get all those burned out dash light replaced :act064:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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