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So I don't understand why people don't think mid-size and full size trucks shouldn't be cross shopped. They all do truck type things and are roughly the same price (once you factor in discounts on the full-size).
I did also cross-shop the RL vs the F150. I think we all need to remember that "similarly priced" is different from "comparably equipped". I'll take top of the line RL with all the creature comforts over the Ford XLT similarly priced any day. The Lariat or above trims should compare apples to apples in terms of features/convenience but will cost at least 5k more, so not similarly priced. Heated steering wheel for example does not come in standard until you get up to King Ranch trim.

We get the idea that we can get the same for the same price. The idea of towing more, going off road, etc. for the Ford its good to know they're there, but for the same price those are things I would only need occasionally, if ever. I'd rather pay for everyday benefits like the heated steering in winter, nav, higher mpgs, etc.
1 - 3 of 195 Posts
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