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Feels sluggish between shifts

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Does anyone else have this observation? Shifts feel sluggish under moderate acceleration. This has been the case for the last 50,000 miles (since I got the RL)

I thought it was the trans or fluid but the issue has not improved with fluid change nor has it gotten worse.

I thought maybe it feels weird since it is a fly by wire throttle.

Any thoughts or observations?

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Do you know if the Transmission recall was completed, it changed the shift points on the 2006 MY Ridgelines
I am not sure - definitely worth looking into!
It was the first vehicle I owned with drive by wire, and at least early on, before the transmission recall, I wondered if the input from the drive by wire was too fast and confused the mechanical parts responding to the drive by wire information. I also felt there was a change once I changed from Z-1 to DW-1.

comments after Transmission TSB Service

Major Transmission TSB Link with file
Sluggish is a relative term. It could simply be Honda's Grade Logic at work and entirely normal... for Honda. Or not.
Yes. I would bet that his truck is working as intended and that the sluggishness is just the way the Ridge is (particularly the pre 09s)
Not sure what you mean by Sluggish.
Same here, but I will share a experience that I recently had.
My RL only had 38K miles and it was babied as it was in mint condition.

I've had many vehicles in my lifetime that had 185-300 horsepower stock.
I did enough research to believe that Honda didn't smudge the HP numbers on the RL, but I wasn't feeling it.
I know it's slightly on the heavy side, but I've had many trucks.

First let me state that I don't believe in "fix-in-a-can" products and I've used many injection cleaners with no noticeable results.
I usually add some type of injector cleaner once, at most, twice per year. Once in the spring/summer and maybe again in the fall/winter.
So I've tried many different "cleaners" in my lifetime.
Since the rig was babied, it felt sluggish to me. I wasn't feeling 250 HP at the throttle.

Long story short, after several recommendations from friends and fellow gear heads, I decided to try another injection cleaner.
The recommended product was 'RXP Gas Kicker'. It was $6.99 at autozone and 1 x 2.5 oz bottle treats 10 us gal.
I just filled up so I grabbed 2 bottles and dumped them in right there.

It wasn't long and I was surprised at the throttle response and HP gain that I was feeling.
I figured it was a octane boost so I figured I would wait until I ran that tank empty and at least another tank without the additive to make a decision.

Conclusion, I'm on my 2nd full tank of gas 'without' the RXP product and I'm still enjoying the throttle response and now feel that 250HP might even be slightly under rated.
I have no affiliation with this company. I'm just sharing my personal experience and YMMV.

Link to the product at autozone.....Here, but I figure many places may carry it.
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