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I was offered the JD powers survey this evening decided to put the time in. I didn't pull any punches about things like the engine hesitation that I've experienced a few times or the fact that the Honda tonneau leaks. The JD power didn't seem to be already hot on the trail of either of those problems.

Based on the initial questions they posed, they *are* clearly onto some of the other problems on our defects list, including tailgate stickiness, the doors being hard to close and the fact that the truck doesn't smell good on the inside. And then once you bite on one of those initial questions, they give you a drill-down screen focused entirely on that subject, which includes an open form field. It's been a good long while since I've taken JD Powers survey. It has improved quite a bit. It's very detailed.

Hopefully, lots of ROC people will get a chance to give their opinions about their new G2!
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