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Finally a Ridgeline owner – Milwaukee WI

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Hi all,

Just picked up my new Ridgeline this last weekend. RTL-E in Modern Steel Metallic with black interior. A little harder to find than expected. Most MSM ones were grey interior. Most black interiors were on Lunar Silver. But having had a silver Dodge Magnum RT with grey interior for the last 10 years I was stuck on that color combo. Shout out to Nate Haggerty at Racine Honda in SE Wisconsin. Really willing to deal. Got the exact truck I wanted for $39,701+TTL (no accessory options).

I'd wanted a Ridgeline since I saw the first G1 when released at the Chicago auto show with Honda dirt bikes in the back. But I had just bought my Magnum so I waited it out. I've been following the launch of the G2 for a long time. I really liked the redesign and the added features. Knowing I keep vehicles for a while, I decided to go with the E. While I was struck by the BE at first, I remembered several years of owning a black vehicle. Best looking when clean (for 10 minutes). Then dirty.

My only complaint in the redesign was the smallish 18" wheels. I'd looked at aftermarket 20" wheels on but the modern styles to me are too open which make the stock rotors look too small. But I found the 20" pilot Touring black wheels were the perfect balance of size and solid looking design. I worked with Nate and their parts team to get the wheels at cost and their parts guys were also running a "buy 3 get 1 free" tire promo. I got the Michelin Defender in one width size over at 255/50-20 (tire diameter is only .2" larger than stock 18" tires). The Defenders are great tires. Long lasting and super quiet. I've kept the no miles stock wheels/tires as my winter combo. The Pilot wheels really change the look of the truck and exactly what I wanted.

Overall absolutely love the truck. I wasn't sure I'd like the nanny safety features and touch screen. But both are FAR better than I'd expected. This damn thing is SO smart. My only disappointment is the front ventilated seats and rear climate controls/heated seats aren't available in the US models. Oh well.

Thanks to everyone for all the info I've gotten already. Looking forward to being part of the club!

Pick up at the dealership.

A few more.

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Congrats on your, "G2"

With Pictures, No Less.

Welcome to the ROC.

Good Luck and Enjoy the Ride!
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Congrats on your purchase & Welcome to the ROC! Looks sharp!
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Congrats on your purchase & Welcome to the ROC! Looks sharp!
Thanks!! Glad to be here.
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