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Since aftermarket scanning devices are able to display the transmission fluid temperature (and a variety of other parameters), the vehicle must already have a sensor that sends the TFT to the data port under the dash. This information is useful when pulling a trailer or going slowly through rough terrain. Would it be possible to display the TFT in one of the various dash displays accessible with the steering wheel control buttons? Would it be possible to implement this with something as simple as a firmware upgrade? This seems like it might be easy and cheap. But maybe not.
It would be great to be able to display not only the TFT but other engine/vehicle info. Not sure about easy or cheap, but it should be doable - the question is, will it ever be done? and is it even viewed as a "feature" that owners would want. My wife's Edge ST has numerous displays available with a quick flick of a button - my C7 Vette can quickly/easily display as many parameters that anyone could ever wish for. I do miss all the "gauges" in my Ridgeline - wish there an easy way to add them.
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