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First In the county

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Hey Guys!
I finally got these picture loaded up. I was the first in my area to Get the RIDGELINE. It's been a head turner and conversation piece.. Tell me what you all think....


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Love your Ridge - I have one 4 weeks now, also the amazon green - have added the door trim - I like the RidgeLine label on your front doors - was that provided by the dealer or did you order them from outside source?

I look for places to drive mine - have +2500mi already
Very nice looking truck! Great accessories. I love the chrome wheels!!
Way to go choosing the green it looks awesome. Welcome to the club
Very sweet! The chrome wheels look sharp and the Ridgeline tag along the door really breaks up the side view nicely.

Welcome to ROC!
Great looking ride. I love the wheels. The more I see the Amazon Green the more I like it. Congrats!
Welcome to the ROC family and congratulations.
She sure is pretty!!! Enjoy the ride!!!
Check out our ROC at the ROCK meet in November. Hope to see you there.
Welcome aboard Ky Ridgeline! Ditto what everyone else has said. You are in for a great ride!
Congratulations! Great looking truck; Welcome to the club!! :)
Sweet! I need to hear more where you got the RidgeLine door labels from. Love em! :cool:
Me too. I want those door panel labels! What's the scoop on them?
Great looking truck with the chrome wheels, chrome bumbers and chrome door badging.

Dont forget to get the ROC logo decal. Get Chrome!
Dont forget to vote your color.

Green is Great
Red Rocks
Blue is True
White is Right
Black is Back

Silver is - oh, oh ,no rhyme LOL we'll leave this to ladyridge.
Great choice on the color! :D
Nice looking truck and welcome aboard. Always like to see nice shiny trucks, mine will never be shiny again :(. Living on a dirt road sort of sucks that way.
NICE COLOR!!!! hehehehe. Welcome and Enjoy the best truck on the market...
Re:Rigeline door emblems

Thank you all,,, Glad to a part of the club. And to traderman68,, the ridgeline
labels on the doors were part of the package the dealer had installed on it before I purchased it. The truck looks the way it was setting on the show room floor, all except the running boards and tented front windows, I traded the grey metal looking boards for the black ones..
Great looking truck against that background. Welcome to the ROC!
The Ridgeline badging on the doors look great but for $70 for the pair I can't justify the expense.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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