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First Take

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I'm new to the forum and the Ridgeline. I just got mine 6/27/16. I've been an Outback driver since 1999 and traded in my 2008 with 125,000 miles. I loved my Outbacks but don't miss them now! If you are interested in hearing any specific impressions from me on the Ridgeline, please let me know!
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Welcome aboard!

Start a thread in the G2 forum (I assume you got the G2) and give us your impressions!
Congrats on your purchase & Welcome to the ROC!

Be sure to update your profile to includesome additional information regarding model, year and color you've purchased1
welcome to the ROC, from AK!

my wife and I went from an '03 Outback to an '05 Odyssey, then added my '12 RL after.

be sure to list your RL trim level and color in your profile under your user id.

it always helps to include your location in your profile, too, so we can tell "where you're coming from" so to speak. it really does help with perspectives on certain things (even if just generic, like "central TX" or similar, if you don't want to be too specific with exact city/state).

and as always, a picture! as we say here, if there's no picture, it didn't happen. :laugh:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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