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Floor material??

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I currently own an Element and the floor is something of a plastic/rubber material that is fairly durable and easy to clean. It looks like the Ridgeline will have something similar. Anyone know any more about the material or if it's about the same stuff in the Element?
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I also have not seen an Element's floor but the idea of a rubber, easily cleaned durable surface sounds good. I currently own an Odyssey (2005 Touring) and while the carpet is very nice I shudder in fear at the thoughts of what my 21 month old son can do to destroy it.
Here's a thread that I started on our Element forum that shows pictures of the Element floor and installing all-weather mats. Gotta say, it's easy to clean that thing up.

I know what you mean about the kiddos. I've got two young ones myself and I'm not nearly as stressed in the Element when they spill something as I used to be. "We'll wipe it up later, biggie". :)
Thanks for the quick reply. The Element floor does look very durable and cleanable. Those mats that you installed are very nice. I went to Wal Mart and bought some clear all weather mats for the Odyssey. So far they are working out okay. They have the deep grooves in them to contain the spills and mini-Goldfish crumbs!
I love mt lement... i loove the flors yet i tink i would prefer a carpet interiror in this ride....
I was curious about the composite floors too. I asked a question on the element site and someone replied and stated that it would be carpeted. Heres the link

From this sites home page, the picture with the rear seats folded up looks like there is carpet. I dont know if this will be done in production. Maybe somebody who saw one at a car show could help us out. The floors in the element are great, I hope they do the same in the ridgeline, or at least offer it as an option.
Ridgeline is carpeted but comes standard (all 3 models) with all-weather heavy duty floor mats. Too bad it is not like the Element, I love the easy cleaning surfaces!
I wonder how well the carpeting will hold up. It seems that the consensus is that Honda may have skimped a little on the interior appointments to save some dollars. Hopefully the carpeting will be somewhat durable.

I wonder how difficult it would be to 'Elementize' the floor of the Ridgeline.
I thought that the composite floors went over really well in the element. I think in Honda's aim to make this car more upscale they used carpeting to avoid giving it a "cheap" look. Hopefully enough element owners buy the ridgeline and make a stink about the floors and Honda will put them on in second year production. I could be wrong but I vaguely remember the ridgeline having the composite floors when it was still a concept (pictures from Honda's website)
I'll be really dissapointed if when I see the interior it feels cheap, its unacceptable considering this car tops out over 35,000
The favorite feature of my Element is the rubber flooring. Why the heck any SUV, Van or truck has carpet is beyond me.

Think about it, what is the first thing a buyer does, install mats to protect the carpet. I don't want carpet in my house or my car. Carpet should be the option, not floor mats.
Ridge said:
I think the main reason is it makes it quieter inside.
Plus for many people it is more more upscale to have carpeting. I perfer no carpeting in my SUV or truck but if I were buying a luxury or sports car I'd want carpeting. I think the no carpeting thing should be option on trucks and SUVs, maybe even minivan's as kids can be quite messy!
Yep, they are. I never allow food or drink in my vehicles, whether they're kids or adults.
I'm really liking the rubber floor mats. I've always had carpet mats before which I never really cleaned much, I just let them get dirty. The Ridgeline rubber ones sure make it easy to clean and then they are back to new again.
Do you feel that they offer good protection to the carpeted floor?
zero said:
Do you feel that they offer good protection to the carpeted floor?
Totally, nothing is going to get thru the rubber and they have a small lip so if you spill a bit of your drink it should hold it. They have pretty good coverage too, not much of the carpet is vunerable.
That's good news about how well they cover the carpet.

I was hoping that the Ridgeline would have had a floor like the Element. But if the mats cover that well then they sound good enough for me.
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