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I just replaced the driver's door actuator. The key-in-door locking and unlocking still works normally; including the windows raising and lowering.

As well pressing on the driver's door lock-knob locks all doors and lifting it unlocks the driver's door only.

The lock/unlock rocker switch in the driver's arm rest works normally.

The only problem I have is the FOB. It will unlock all doors (driver's on first click, passenger's on 2nd, lower all windows on hold) however it will not lock any door.

I replaced the battery in the FOB and also checked the micro switches for electrical functioning. The little red LED lights when pressing the lock and unlock button.

The battery and alternator are perfect.

The truck's parking lights only blink when the FOB unlock is pressed.

If I press the panic button, the lights and horn activate. I can deactivate with either the unlock button or the lock button.... so the truck seems to receive a signal from the FOB's lock button.

FYI I used the special button sequence to disable the autolock when going into drive a few weeks ago before replacing the actuator.

Any suggestions?
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