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Focus group online research study

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I received an e-mail from "[email protected]" asking me to participate in Online Focus Groups for an online research study asking 2017 Ridgeline Owners to tell about their vehicles. They say "Your opinions are vital in helping to develop future vehicle technology that continues to meet your needs" They also say "Participants of the online focus group will receive $150. The incentive check will be mailed after the completion of the online focus group session."

Has anyone else received this? is it legitimate?
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It may be a good idea to reach out to your dealer and ask them. It may be legit but then they may have scammed everyone in an area so hearing that others got the email means nothing. If you hover over a link it should show the URL in the bottom left hand corner of your browser. If you don't see that or the URL looks hinky, it may be a scam.
Sounds shaaaaakey to me. :wink: Just my humble opinion, and, since you're not getting paid for it, that's prolly what it's worth .... :grin:
I received one; seems legit. They didn't ask for my SS# or mother's maiden name; at least not yet. Based on all the crap mail I've received pseudo-threatening me with termination of my "opportunity" to have a warrantee if I don't pay up within a few weeks tells me either Honda, the dealer or my State's' registration service has given/sold all my information to anyone that wants it.
I don`t see how this is different from those survey they sent you these days whenever you do shopping ( either in reality where they`ve asked or in the case of online shopping where they usually already have your email attached to your account..etc.

surveys are for the rewards or discount...YMMV ! :nerd: >:)
got one too.. but I don't have time for these kind of stuff
I received the same email. I called the phone no. listed to get more info. Left them a message to return my call. I will inform everyone if I get more info. -John West
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They asked in the email if you had a computer that you could use for video--so I guessed it was going to be some sort of Sype or facetime call
I got the same email. I'll be interested in finding out if anyone determines whether it's legit.

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If it's a con job their source must be inside Honda USA or as persons responding to having received an email thus far are from TN, CA, NC, MN and probably NY (LI?).
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