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For Sale 1 month old Thule Dual Bike Rack system

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I am selling this aftermarket system because I traded in my 02 Ford Explorer Sport for my new Ridgeline. I bought it only a few months ago and was installed on my truck for only a month. I am selling this as a complete kit.

This kit will work on any truck that has a factory roof rack that the towers can wrap around.

This is what I have for sale:

1. A set of four Thule 450 Crossroads
Retails new for: $140
(These are the tower mounts for the aftermarket roof rack system and hold the cross bars. They have a rubber coated metal strap that wraps around you factory roof rack and include locks)
Please see website below for more info:

2. A set of two Thule LB50 Load bars
Retails new for: $52
(These are the cross bars that attach to the towers. You can mount any of the Thule gear onto them like Bike carriers, ski & snow board carriers, and cargo boxes)
Please see website below for more info:

3. Two sets of Thule 599xtr Big Mouth Upright Bike Carrier
Retails new for: $100 each so $200 for the set!
(These are what holds onto your bike. There are two of them so that you can mount two bikes on yuor roof. These also have locks in them so that you can lock your bikes while away from your truck.)
Please see website below for more info:

4. A set of six Thule Keyed-Alike Locks
Retails new for: $55
(These are security locks that are already installed in each of the four Towers so that someone cant take off your roof rack and also a lock in each bike rack so that someone will be unable to steal your bike. All six locks use the same key.)
Please see website below for more info:

In total I spent over $442

Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested. I would like to get $350 for the whole set. Remember that these are basically brand new. Only been outside during the summer for a month. I have had my bikes in them twice.

I could ship but buyer will have to pay the extra cost. Would prefer pickup. I live in the Detroit metro area and could meet if needed.
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I looked into that system yesterday but because the stock roof rack is only rated for 100 lbs I decided against it.
Nice system however and you should be able to find a buyer.
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