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I have a brand new set of front & rear coco mats custom made in a herringbone pattern for a G2 that with the exception of the thread around the outside are identical to the ones in the pictures. The mats for sale have black thread instead of the red in the photos. I've had several cars with these over the years - they wear like cast iron & catch a lot of dirt. IMHO they also look a lot better than a set of rubber mats like WeatherTech or Husky and add a nice touch to the G2 interior.

You can view the mats @ Full retail is $379.95 ($329.95 + $25 for grommets in right-front & rear mat) + $18.65 shipping. I will let these go for $175 & buyer pays shipping. Please send me a PM if interested.


1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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