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There are currently about 2,500 Ridgelines listed on VINs for the newest listings are in the 6000s hinting that over 5,000 have been manufactured. If those numbers are anywhere near correct, around half of those produced so far have been sold. If 15 ROC members have bought 2017s, that represents 0.6% of those sold and 0.3% of those manufactured - a small, but random sample. If there were signifiant or consistent initial defects, I'd think we'd be seeing more reports of them here. I'd say so what little data on initial quality and fuel economy there is so far is encouraging. If production began May 6 and 5,000 have been made so far, HMA has been manufacturing about 90 Ridgelines per day (about 33,000 per year). I suspect more have been manufactured - possibly around 6,000 - 7,000 - that haven't hit dealer lots/listings just yet. There are still LOTS of early builds (the first few hundred) in the listings.

As an aside, 2016 Pilot inventory seem to be dwindling at dealers. For example, my local dealer has no 2016 Pilots in stock, but 5 Ridgelines (and hundreds of Accords, CR-Vs, Civics). This could mean:

2016 production is winding down for an early 2017, but that seems premature
2016 Pilots aren't selling well so dealers aren't ordering many
2016 Pilots are selling so well dealers are running out
2016 Pilot production yielded to 2017 Ridgeline production the last few months which has decreased supply

I'm guessing the last 2.
Did a quick search and we have 30 G2 members actively posting. Not too bad...
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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