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Found this Rubber "grommet?" on ground?

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Anyone seen this on the Ridgeline, I have no ID where it came from, or if it is even FROM the Ridge? It is Black rubber and about 1 1/2 inches top to bottom, 3/4 inch wide. I know, sad picture but it shows the shape perfect. Thank you in advance.

I'd like to add 6 months ago or so, I removed the front bumper to change Right side headlight, but, I dit that 4 blocks away at my Father in laws heated garage, so, can't imagine it is from that. But, hell, I'm not even sure it is a Honda part?
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Sounds like one of the fillers on the frame that are installed as part of the PDI to keep air flow correct in the cabin ( keeps out dust ).

Your picture shows nothing

look at picture here is this it?
Nope, my pic shows the Black Rubber grommet except for some reason the black is white and has a blue background. But, the shape is very distinct, only it is white, not black. Must be the lighting iono?
Looks like it's the rubber on frame one on each side that cushions hood, picture is upside down if it is....
If it shaped like the white outline - it looks like a stop for the hood to close onto. They are matched left side and right side. I know that Lexus and Infinity color match those. Some trunk have the same design. I think Honda trunk stops are round.
Thanks, I thought that myself so looked under hood, not those, they are on. Diddn't notice any holes it could possibly slide into. The Arrow looking piece on top has to lock into a 3/4" rectangle hole.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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