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FREE - Spectra radiator NIB - damaged.

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I ordered a new Spectra radiator from RockAuto. Upon receipt, I noticed the corner of the box was wrinkled. After removing the radiator from the box, it was clearly racked.

I contacted RockAuto, and they sent me a replacement. They told me to dispose of the first radiator.

I'm f anyone would like to attempt a repair... Come and get it... Or I can help drop it off if you're local to a road trip...
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Here's a pic..


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Great job with the pic to clarify the potential for interested readers.
Not worth repairing. Break all the plastic caps off and recycle it. Might get some beer money..or lemonade money whichever you prefer.

RockAuto didn't hesitate to send a replacement... But, I did expect a return label... All they said, was to dispose of this one... I'm sure someone can make it work..
Yes, it will be recycled if no one want to try a repair..

I compared it to the replacement and the original... I think the issue will be the top and bottom mounts.. The pressure lines and hoses are flexible enough to make the connections..
Here in CA, OhSix got like $6 per radiator when he took it to a recycling place, he had my two and his, $18, IIRC
A couple weeks ago I had a damaged Spectra shipped from Rockauto as well. Gave it to a janitor at my work that recycles scrap metal. The packaging was laughable. Missing one foam corner support in the box and both transmission cooler lines had punctured the box. Box and radiator bent as well. The replacement RA sent was very well packaged. It's a wonder that RA doesn't ship them properly the first go round. Customer service from RA was good, but still had to put off my radiator replacement for one more weekend while I waited a few days for the new one to arrive. The new one seems to be holding well so far, although I think I got a bad Gates 31412 radiator cap. Smelling some coolant with no signs of leakage at all. Could be some residual coolant spilled from the radiator install and thermostat change (although I cleaned that up well I thought). It has been a week since install. Swapping back to the OEM cap for a few days to see if that solves it.
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