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Free :-)

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OEM running boards free:grin:

Off my new (used) 2013 ridge. Trying to pay it forward for my ridgeline bros. :grin:

In chicago burbs. However, I'll ship as long as you pay the shipping and packaging.

First to text me 847-542-2328 gets them. I have pics but couldn't figure out how to get them uploaded (how sad is that) !

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This is an awesome thing of you to do. If I didn't already have Westin boards on mine, I'd be jumping ALL over this. Hope they find a good home quickly!
Whoa! This is very generous! I'd text you but it's 11:40 pm CDT. If you get this and haven't heard from anyone yet, I'd like to talk to you about arranging shipping and packaging. Again, regardless of who gets them, it's a cool thing to do. There are always good people on the ROC.
Hey all. Thank you for your comments.
Basically when I traded my 07 for a 13 the 13 had the running boards. Therefore already paid for and ive noticed over the years that this is a somewhat popular item.
I'm working with someone in Philly to send them off today. Did this because the group has been a wealth of knowledge and always willing to help fellow owners.
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I'm the lucky guy that texted JohnK1 first. What an awesome thing to do, and I am looking forward to getting the boards on my Ridge. Thanks again JohnK for this generous offer.
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