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I bought a new 2022 RTL-E in Obsidian Blue Pearl November, 2021. I previously owned a 2012 Tacoma that I bought new in December, 2011. Nothing wrong at all with the Tacoma, but it was a compromise vehicle at the time for a variety of reasons.

I was always interested in the Ridgeline, especially the G2s. The Tacoma is a TRUCK and has a very stiff ride and a weird seating position. I had thought about trading it in for a Ridgeline, but there was nothing ever wrong with it and I HATE dealing with car dealers. Anyway, I was going to change the 4 year old battery and thought before I did that I would try some of the car buying services like CarMax and Carvana to see what I could get for it. Carvana was clearly the best - they gave me $4,000 less than I paid for it almost exactly 10 years ago!

So, I sold my Tacoma to Carvana and went looking for a new Ridgeline. We have two other vehicles so I was not in any great rush. I was immediately put off by the arrogance of most dealers around here (northern Ohio) with their markups over MSRP and worthless add-ons ($995 for mandatory paint sealant? - come on, no way). I finally found a dealer who sells for MSRP (actually $100 under) without any add-ons. My RTL-E was built, but was "in-transit" and not supposed to arrive until late November or early December, 2021.

Fortunately, my RTL-E arrived early and I have about 300 miles on it so far. WOW, what a nice vehicle! I can honestly say it is far nicer than I expected in terms of smoothness, ride quality, and comfort. It is EXACTLY the vehicle I wanted. I am older (over 65) so I needed comfort more than pure "truck" ability. I hope to keep my RTL-E at least as long as the Tacoma.

Many thanks to those that run these forums and to those who take the time to post. They have been invaluable to me for the different vehicles I own.

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My sentiments exactly. I got the same color but just a RTL. I Had a Nissan Frontier but did try out a new Tacoma, hands down the Honda won out.
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