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Fs 4 alloys 07 rts

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sold thanks
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These wheels will work with an 06,07, 08 ridge.

Sold my ridge and don't need these anymore.

Good idea!

Thanks Heli ATP
Price bump


This is a great deal for a second set of wheels
Won't work on the 2005 model - 2006 was the first model year
Open to offers. Would like to get them out of my garage.
Get a set of winter tires early. Put some blizzac tires on for next winter and realize how much better a snow tire is vs an all season!
Do you ever get over to Ohio?

Only when I go to cedar point :act035:
Those are my winter wheels for my 08 RTL. Love them.....the only thing is you must keep the lug nuts separate from the other set as the 07's have a flat face and the 08's are cupped.
Its a good thing these wheels also come with the matching lug nuts.
The up is pretty far And 4 tires won't fit in my car that is why I am asking for pickup only

So far all inquiries have been 500 miles away?
Price bump
Pick up only
'Don't know about others, but pics don't show up for me.
i can see them. dot know why you can't.

if you want pics i can send them to you just pm me some other form of comm. info

$300 for the set
$250. Someone out there needs these!
I need 2 wheels due to flaking. I live in Lockport, Il. I would do $40 a piece.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts