Original Firestone Destination LE2 ( four) 245/60/18 TIRES off a 2022 Black Edition. They should be available 09/14/2022. Excellent condition. No issues, no patches, wrecks, etc.

Diamondback SE cover for G2. New in June 22. Most secure one you can purchase. Zero issues or damage. $1800 new. $1300 FTF

3D Maxspider all weather mats. I stopped using Weathertechs when I discovered these several years ago. Front only $60

Weathertech sunshade complete set for all five windows. $156 new. $75

Digital safe for center console. Great for the CCW when you can't bring it into a venue. $25

Also, I have the OEM Honda All Weather Rubber mats, front and back, and the cargo tray (under rear seat) liner. All for $125

FTF Denver metro...