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Purchased these from another ROC member ~2 months ago. Had my friend in VA pick them up thinking I'd be able to get up there to pick them up from him. Haven't been able to get up there yet and don't see a trip coming in the near future, so trying to sell them so he doesn't have to keep them around. Not trying to flip them or anything, just selling for what I paid for.

New and never installed, pics attached. From original owner "brackets had some paint chipping on them from shipping". Should be able to touch up pretty easily (but they're also not visible once installed so probably not a big deal)

Price: $225
Part #: 62109419
Link: Honda Ridgeline Running Boards Romik® RAL-TB Side Steps (2017 - Present)

Local pickup in Virginia Beach area only (or, if you're willing to wait a while, local pickup in either Boston, MA or Houston, TX areas towards the end of the summer)

PM if interested!


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