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FS: Truxedo Lo Profile Tonneau Cover

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Great condition, complete, no rips / tears in cover. SOLD.

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Too bad no shipping :frown:
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I would...but would think its cost prohibitive...?
Bump...I have other stuff listed for sale...bundle and save!!

Local to Hartford / Middletown CT.
Lower price...and will accept reasonable offers.
Shipping will be aprox $40 east coast. I know. I sell them, and ship them for like $15, and lose out on shipping. Here it is new and a little more info:

Burtman Industries Truxedo LoPro Tonneau Cover

But someone needs to buy this used cover, a smoking deal!
Offer sent to PM
Thanks for the bump Jason!

Estimating shipping costs for Elkhunter.
(Purchase in the works...:smile:)
Building a box...
Just sent Elk a shipping quote, coast to coast. Thanks for the bump!
Yup.....Sold :smile:
...and shipped! Thanks Elk and JB.
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1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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