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Fuel cap warning

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I have an 06 RL and just got a check fuel cap warning. I've made sure the cap is tight, have filled up since then and have also pulled the cap o ring off dabbed some vaseline on it and flipped it over but that didn't help either. I guess my next move is to buy a gas cap but before spending $30 is there any thing else that it could be or anything else anyone knows of that I could check on.

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Don't buy anything yet. It takes several fill ups before the warning light will reset itself. It's not an immediate thing. Be patient.
Ok thanks... I'll give it a couple. So is there any harm that can come from this warming or is it just to let you know the caps loose or bad?
The warning has to do with the fuel recirculation system. It's a government mandated issue on all vehicles, I believe. Other than being annoying, it shouldn't present an issue with your vehicle.

I've noticed on occasion that my warning will come on as well even if I tightened the cap. I just loosen it, adjust it again, and after a few times driving it has always gone out on its own.
Bam, I think there are a number of threads on here about the issue. This happened to me when my 2011RT was about three days old. I read on here somewhere to tighten the cap about a dozen clicks, very tight after each fill up, and it will stop. Only had the issue one time since then, and it went away after cranking the cap tightt. Good luck.
Mine has done this several times and I run short trips. This last time, it stayed on for over two weeks and then I made a longer trip 8 miles or so and the light went off at next startup. Not sure if the short trips are not enough to register for the light to go away.
Mine has been on for the last 2 months. Since I don't drive my truck much I just push the reset to make it go away until the next time I turn it on. It finally went off today. It'll come back on once the temps go back down. Seems to do that when the temps fluctuate so much.
Thanks so much for all the info. I'll do a search later and do some reading but it sounds like you guys covered most of. I also make mostly short trips. Maybe tomorrow I'll go for a good drive and try cranking the cap as well. Thanks again
Today I took my cap off then put it back on 15 clicks tight then took about a 60 mile trip and that did it... No more warning ....
Hooray!! Keep the faith!
I had this warning last fall. First time I had ever seen it. I always tighten my cap a minimum of four clicks when filling up. I, too, took off the cap and used some Vaseline on the seal. The warning went away after a few days, but returned a few weeks later. I bought an OEM cap on Ebay for $20 and simply replaced it. The seal on the new one is obviously much more robust. After 8 years and 140k miles at that point, I figured I got my money's worth out of the original cap. Haven't had a single issue since then.
I learned all about the fuel cap issue when I had an Oldsmobile many, many years ago. The car was under warranty and it ended up not being the gas cap, but actually a slow leak somewhere in the fuel system, but it took several trips to the dealership before they finally figured it out. However, I learned a lot about the whole fuel vapor recapturing system while at the dealership.
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