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Fuse Blowing w/Air Compressor

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Hi All,

Both the Front Accessory Sockets fuse and the Rear Accessory Socket fuse keep blowing every time I attempt to use my air compressor as it inflates to higher PSI. I'm fairly certain that I am only slightly going over peak current for a very short time. I'm considering putting in a larger fuse in the front accessory socket circuit. Can anyone answer me:

1) Is the front accessory socket wired directly back to the fuse box without anything else on the circuit?

2) Related the #1, is there anything else on this circuit that could be negatively impacted by putting in a larger (20A) fuse on this circuit?

3) The accessory socket will be used for the air compressor only in short bursts (less than 2 minutes) so I don't believe there will be any concern of wires overheating. Thoughts?

In advance, thanks for replying.
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Please do not oversize fuse an existing circuit. The fuse size is determined by the gauge of the wire supplying the socket.

It is much better (and safer) to install a dedicated socket wired directly to the battery. Fuse it with an inline fuse at the battery and if fusing at 20A use 12 gauge stranded copper wire.
You can install the socket at any convenient location. Good luck and have fun with your ride.
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