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G1 Sport Wheels on G2?

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Hey guys - we just bought a Black RTL-E to replace our 2008 RTS. I installed the G1 Sport Wheels with a new set of Michelin LTXs on our G1 a couple of months ago, and I really prefer the look of them over the stock RTL-E tire/wheel combo. The tires are the same size, but I am wondering if the TPMS will be compatible? I saw another thread indicating that they are not (but with a set of G1 Steel Wheels). - just want to double check this for our G1 Sport Wheels.

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No I believe the sensors are different, several different threads have discussed this.

G1 owners wanting G2 wheels, G2 owners wanting to keep G1 wheels as or with winter tires or studded tires. But although it's been discussed, I can't remember someone actually posting comments / pictures having done it.

It would be valuable to me as a Moderator, and future members / owners, if you could change even 1 wheel, and actually document the experience in both directions, if you can. ie... G1 wheel on G2 and G2 wheel on G1, errors from both vehicles and so on.

And if you do break down and have to move the TPMS sending units from the G2 wheels to the G1 wheels, Your G1 sensors (depending on age) G2 wheels and G2 tires can all be sold in the Trading Post, once you have 25 posts, and a validated email account associated to your account login @pittpanther

Good Luck
^^^The G2 TPMS sensors have a different part number (and even look different in size and shape) than the G1 TPMS sensors. Yes, owners have posted that although G1 wheels will fit on the G2 RL, the G1 sensors won't work with the G2 system, and I would expect to see confirmation of that in this thread. What I would also hope to see here is confirmation that the G2 TPMS sensors can be readily attached to G1 wheels which are being used with alternative tires on the G2 (e.g., winter tires).
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Thank you both for your replies - greatly appreciated!
^^^You're welcome, but I'm still hoping actual RL owners will confirm what I posted from memory and not experience...
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^^^you're welcome, but i'm still hoping actual rl owners will confirm what i posted from memory and not experience...
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