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G2 Maintenance minder directed Oil Change ...

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First G2 oil change today! :wink: On board maintenance minder directed "perform maintenance soon" at 4186 miles and 15% remaining. Other than an 850 mile after purchase trip home from SAN Antonio, most of my driving has been urban, with plenty of engine idle time, ... I'll bet most of ya get more miles before your first oil change ? What do ya say ... ? Who's gone the farthest? Anybody shorter? :surprise:
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My plan is go go 5k on the first oil change and then follow the minder after that.

I'm only at 1100 miles and I forget what the oil percentage is at this time.

My drive when I drive the Ridgeline is 2.5 hours and 70 miles round trip. It will be interesting to see what the minder says in those conditions.
I just turned 2000 mi. and have 70% all iin town driving
I change my oil at 50% and 15%. Just about 4000 miles.. 2010 RTL.
Hope everyone who is going by (minder) is checking oil on a regular basis ☺

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I can verify at 100mi it says 100% still ! lol

Steve M
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just over 4200 miles. MM @ 50%
Follow MM and don't worry. I've followed mine since day one...8-9k between changes and I have 277k on it. 90% of my driving is highway. I actually drive a little more city since I ave to take daughter to school so I'm only getting 7-8 k now between changes...I also add archoil to oil and fuel...just started that about 20k miles ago.
What is ARCHOIL?

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Just hit 7000kms (4350 mi) and still at 60%

I'm coming up to 4000 km and reading 60%

Averaging 1000 km per 10% -->> 10,000 km interval sounds right !? :grin:

What ?? No pollution in Sask, I supposed ?? :grin:

At that mileage ...your reading should be around 40%-30% ... but at 60% ?? :surprise: you're looking at a 15,000 km intervals.

lucky ! ...clean air :wink:
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Take it for what it's worth, but there's no way I would spend good money for Archoil in any of my gasoline powered vehicles.

That's not a slam on Archoil at all. While many may see it as a "snake oil" or just another additive, I have seen it perform some pretty miraculous things on higher mileage diesels with cold running problems due to dirty oil fired injectors (stiction).

I use it in my own diesel and it if it keeps from having to buy 1200 dollars worth of injectors then it's worth the 40 bucks additional to my oil changes once or twice a year. It literally cleared up my cold running problems in the span of one heat cycle or about 5 miles and has never been back. That was two years ago.
Sorry for the delayed looks like others answered for me. I use it because I have a high mileage truck. It's not that expensive. I have noticed improved performance with the fuel additive. I'm not sure the oil additive makes a difference for a gas engine but it's not that expensive. It is a pain to add fuel treatment every fill up but I feel like the truck runs better...maybe a placebo effect. NO improvement in mileage. I wonder if it is necessary every fill up. I wonder if I quit using it every day and just every 6-12 months run it double strength for a few tanks to clean everything up would be just as good. Double strength is how you start using it to clean things up. I didn't mean to turn this into a different discussion...some say it's snake oil some love it. My only real point is that I use a blend oil (now, used to use Dino until high mileage and advice from some on here) and follow MM and have a lot of trouble free miles.
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I am not much of an ( additive) user. But when I was driving my 93 Dodge Dakota with a 3.9 Magnum 6cly , Before the RL, at about 178k I started to use Lucas Regane injection and fuel system cleaner. I noticed a gain of about 10 to 15 miles per tank full. Too much of a gain to say it was in my head. Not saying that with a newer vehicle you would see a dramatic change like I did.
Did not use anything before that.

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30% at 6750 miles, changed today with Mobil1 0w20ep.
I'm showing 40% with 5900 miles and I do almost all highway driving.
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