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I took my 2012 RTL to AutoNation Honda 385 (Memphis, TN) for preventative maintenance (brake fluid and radiator flush).

Honda Dealership Memphis TN Used Cars AutoNation Honda 385

This was my first visit to the service department there and I have to say they were on the ball and professional. Previous experience with sales and service at closest dealer was terrible.

House Of Honda in Tupelo is your Mississippi Honda New & Used Car Dealer

I thought I'd check out the G2 RL while waiting on my truck. I was surprised to see four G2 Ridgelines on the lot; White RTL, Blue RTL and two Grey RTL-T.

New Honda Ridgeline Memphis TN

In person, the G2 looks bigger and 'trucker' than the photos, TV ads and reviews I've seen so far. Back door entrance and smaller trunk are disappointing, but my wife and I love the interior.

Salesman comes up and we start talking about the RL, I was really impressed that he knew the truck so well. I told him I was not ready to buy a G2 and when I do it will be a RTL-E, most likely in White or Grey. He steps away for a moment and returns with a G2 Ridgeline and accessory brochure and tells me the only RTL-E coming in is in Green. I thank him for the brochure and tell him my plan is to hold off another year or more to give Honda time to sort the G2 our and wait for mark downs, rather than above MSRP.

He asked if it would be ok to run the numbers on trading in my truck. I was really impressed with his first offer. $24,000 in trade and MSRP plus $1,000 in dealer installed 'protection package'. I told him the protection package would have to go and he scratched it out. I told him I was mighty tempted, but going to stick to the original plan. I thanked him for his time, but I am really not planning to buy just yet. He said he would call me when they get a RTL-E in stock and see what he could do to make a more tempting offer.
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